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The Most Efficient Way to Acquire Irish Citizenship Immigration has been a contentious issue in many countries, and there are a variety of laws that are designated to control the flow of immigrants in a nation. Ireland is one of the many countries that continuously institute changes in their immigration policies. In those regards, it is notable that the exit of the UK from the EU, commonly referred to as Brexit, brings about a lot of changes to Northern Ireland Immigration policies and other associated states. It is absolutely important to point out that Ireland has a number of immigration policies that determine the people that are qualified to be residents or citizens in the country. There are numerous ways to acquire Irish citizenship, whereas the easiest way to be an Irish citizen is by having Irish ancestry, which would mean that the person will acquire Irish citizenship through their grandparents. Acquiring the citizenly of the beautiful Ireland is a dream to many and it is worth noting that all the people who are born in Ireland and have an Irish ancestry naturally become citizens through birth, whereas it is also possible to acquire Irish citizenship through a fiance visa, however, it is worth noting that a marriage to an Irish national does not simply confer the right to citizenship and that there are procedures to follow. The beauty about applying for a citizenship in Ireland lies in the fact that the application will as well be granted on the condition that everything revealed to the authorities is accurate and that anything that changes will affect the status of the application, whereas it is important to note that you will be needed to apply for citizenship through the concerned departments and in the instance that the application process proves to be difficult for you, it is advisable to hire the services of professionals. On a brighter note for any person who is looking for citizenship in Ireland, it is also possible to seek permanent residence in Ireland regardless of whether a person is a citizen of the European Economic Area (EEA) or not. It indeed amazing to point out to the fact that there are residence rights that allow a Non EEA resident to be granted permanent residence in Ireland, whereas this permission to remain in Ireland is issued by the department of justice and equality and is done through issuing a special stamp on your passport.
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While applying for permanent residence in Ireland, you will be expected to fill the EEA PR form, in addition to other various eligibility criteria that will determine if your permanent residence application will be accepted. In a parting shot, it is indeed important to note that an individual must have been a British residence for a continuous period of five years, whereas the applicant is also expected to be an EEA qualified national or should have a family member or extended family member as an EEA qualified person, such that the initial permission is granted to citizens for them to stay for a period of 36 months after which their application is reviewed.How I Became An Expert on Options